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Re: Where's all the TREK EBOOKS at?

available in eBook $9.99

Star Trek: Enterprise: Kobayashi Maru eBook. $7.99

(Part of Star Trek: Enterprise)
The Good That Men Do in eBook $7.99

Star Trek Online: The Needs of the Many
eBook $7.99

Star Trek: Vanguard: Precipice eBook $7.99

many others

even on the site priced between $5.99 and $15.99
$11.99 eBook Price
Pub. Date: July 2005

Star Trek : The Next Generation: Genesis Force (Genesis Wave Series #4)
Star Trek by John Vornholt$15.99 eBook Price

Yeah that is not right.
$16. for an e-Book novel!?
It costs them nothing once it is in electronic e-Book form. No publishing small runs.
It can no longer be said that something is out-of-print for an e-Book....
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