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Re: Was Picard wrong in I,Borg?

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And don't be afraid to go into details, Anwar.
I know the Borg have been around for millennia, have assimilated trillions and have encountered races more advanced than the Federation. The idea that they NEVER ran into ANYONE who tried a viral attack is so STATISTICALLY low that it's idiotic to think no one tried it before. This is common sense. The idea that the Feds could create some kind of virus based on two encounters that could destroy the Borg is also idiotic.

Bad writing? Maybe.
Oh, definately.

But, Anwar, Picard - being a fictional character, created by the scenarists - IS this bad writing. If the script depicted him as a creep willing to sacrifice BILLIONS as long as he could fool himself that he fanatically followed his sacroant, rigid rules, THEN HE IS THIS CREEP.
I guess this makes Sisko and co creeps for not wiping out the Dominion with the virus as well. Since the continued existence of the Dominion is a threat that cannot be truly dealt with other than subjugation.

Alternatively, you can continue making a fool of yourself on this board.
S'okay, you're doing the primo job of that yourself. You even decided to drop down to personal insults level rather than debate.
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