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Re: FINAL POLL - April Challenge - "B"-movie Poster

I went with Ptrope for a couple of the same reasons he liked mine. Design, content and layout. While there are elements in each poster that I like, only one seems like an authentic finished work IMO and that's Ptropes.

Nice choice of fonts, great streamlined layout, yellowed framework and most importantly, the thing that takes it up to 11 and is required of any movie poster: the text credits.
This is a design element that's every bit as important as the artwork when crafting a real movie poster.

This element on Ptrope's adds a level of authenticity to it and it's the one I can see actually being in a real theatre. Great job on going the extra mile!

ITL and Focus Abbey....great stuff! FA, especially with hand drawn artwork! Very nice and extra props!

Ptrope...where'd you get that Paramount logo? I would've loved to have had that one on mine.
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