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Re: Was Picard wrong in I,Borg?

Rush Limborg:

I answered your question PAGES ago.
Do you EVER read the responses to your posts? Apparently, responding to you is a waste of time:

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I'm amazed, ProtoAvatar. I seem to recall your saying in a previous debate with yours truly--in no uncertain terms--that if a power, such as the UFP, were capable of commiting genocide and wiping out an entire enemy...that it would therefore also be capable of defeating said enemy without having to resort to genocide!

Have you re-examined the validity of that assertion, sir? Because, by this new argument, genocide against the Dominion is justified because it prevents genocide on the Dominion's part against billions upon billions of victims of said Dominion....

(In case everyone else is wondering...I'm referring to a previous debate in which we discussed the changeling virus.

And yes, I am aware that he and I also discussed the practicality of the virus--but at the moment, we are discussing genocide in general. Namely--can you justify genocide because it will probably--even decidedly--prevent the genocide of other races?

And...if we were discussing practicality--of course, the changeling-virus practicality is every bit as debatable as that of the Borg-virus--for the same reasons. Just saying.)
"Have you re-examined the validity of that assertion, sir? "

Hardly, Rush Limborg.

You see, the scenarists made the borg ridiculosly 'evil' - one mind, one unchanging will, no civilians whatsoever, continuous genocide, etc

The emergence of such an army is only tenable in fiction.
In real life, such a case NEVER occured and will never occur. Anyone who even comes close to something like that will self-destruct.

As for the Founders and the Dominion - they're not even close to this situation!
The Founders can be negociated with. Their death won't diminish the Dominion's fighting capacity. Etc, etc - you should know the rest.

Equating the Founders or any real world entity with the borg is a straw-man argument.
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