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FINAL POLL - April Challenge - "B"-movie Poster

This is the most fantastic story I've ever heard.
And every word of it's true, too.
That's the fantastic part of it.

- Plan 9 from Outer Space

B.J.sent us back to school - to the old school - this month with his challenge: to interpret Star Trek as a "B"-movie, one of those low-budget popcorn flicks with the hyperbolic posters promising Thrills! Chills! Spills! and maybe a bit of Sex! - and, yes, they usually had the !! after them.

Well, never let it be said that this forum is above sinking to a new low and rising to the occasion, because here's proof! (That ! was gratuitous, obviously). It may be interesting to note that all of the entries derived from the original series - maybe the later series were just too cool - or maybe they just weren't cool enough to be good "B"-movies. But the fact is we have a cool half-dozen entries, just waiting for an audience. So grab some popcorn, put on your 3D-glasses and vote



Focus Abbey





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