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Re: Chiron Intergalaxy – Inter Office – Project Report

Chiron Intergalaxy – Inter Office – Project Report
Memo Level: TOP SECRET (One View Only)
Clearance Level Validation: CONFIRMED
To: HOUSTON-9400, KUVAK-9401.
From: LEYOR-9405.
This may be the last formal report which is made on the LCARS CC-2000. Continuing minor details are in progress, but those are mainly focused on the development of internal pathways regarding Personality Sub-Routines, and efficiency.

At the onset of development of this system, all available Computer Types and Technologies were considered. The Bioneural Gel Pack Technology originally installed in the Federation Intrepid Class Ship was chosen as the basis of development for our present system. Extensive records were viewed from the USS Voyager (Capt. Janeway) resulting in the need to construct a more reliable and durable Memory unit. Resources for DNA re-sequencing of this technology was acquired from Adigeon Prime Research Facilities, and has been applied, and for all general purposes, created a Living Cell Memory.

In conjunction to the Bioneural Technology, extensive research and development was developed through integration of Positronic applications, gathered from research and development of the Android Commander Data and the files at Daystrom Technological Institute. Vice Admiral Haftel, Commander Bruce Maddox and Commander Reginald Barkley, were extremely helpful in organizing developmental stages of this Technology for Chiron use. A very limited amount of information was shared in reverse to them, concerning this project.

When Commander Data was interrogated for the content of its Memory, safeguards were placed in its internal circuitry, where it can not divulge the amount or nature of the information that we retrieved from it. Any future contact with this unit and any Chiron Computer, will automatically download all new data from its system, for evaluation by Chiron.

Additionally, these Covert Retrieval Companion Programs will be distributed to any Computer of Star Fleet or other, for this collection of information, regardless of which the Android Unit or subsequent Computer may contact. This acquisition program is housed within a Standard Security Recognition Program, required for any contact with another Computer, and is totally undetectable.

The present Bioneural Gel Capsule design, is a modular, sealed and internally protected unit, which is just over four times the physical size and 1000 times the capacity of the original type. The Main Core furnishes information to the Capsules for operations of the Vessel, and, Packets of information concerning the operations are compressed, highly encrypted and distributed as Packets (much like the old Zip-Files) to various other modules within the Vessel, and some sent to other Vessels as a backup for a given unit. Constant contact is kept from the Main Corporate System to designated Vessels, and Vessel to Vessel, all sharing their operational information with another, though no single Module or Vessel has 100% of the information necessary to operate another. If any one of the System Components (Corporate or individual Vessel) were to be compromised, a complete new Duplicate Operating System could be established from the components which are archived to the Hosting Modules.

In addition to the Diversification as described above, several Security measures have been installed in Main Bioneural/Positronic, Computer Cores, the System Distribution Modules, Console and Equipment Mini-Modules. Each of the components is housed in an extremely resistant Capsule or Chamber. These units have been tested under extreme temperature and pressure variances, and are immune to any known Disruptor, Phaser or Radiogenic attack. This technology was derived from the Ablative Armor Technology, furnished by USS Voyager and other related Technical Files. In addition to this protective environment, each Module is equipped with a Thalaron Radiogenic Capsule, which can be discharged within the Module or Chamber, totally destroying its contents, should any violation of the containment or Programming be encountered.

Each Chamber and Capsule has been injected with Programmed Nanites, which are dedicated to the formulation of pathways and or repair of any of the Bioneural/Positronic Circuitry of that given unit. Again, USS Voyager files were accessed, and the Medical Extraction of additional probes was acquired through contact with the Voyager Crewperson Seven of Nine, the Individual Borg Hugh, and several of the other X-Hive associated individuals of Borg Hugh’s Conglomerate. Contact has been maintained with this Group by furnishing necessities for their survival and other items, to assure supplies of Nanites for Chiron’s future use. Their Vessel has been tagged with a covert transmitter. Reasonable assurances have been negotiated, for their peaceful existence, and refraining from attacking Ships.

There are two Borg individuals which are presently being housed/confined at our Medical Facility in a Secure location. Experiments are being conducted on their attempts in the Transmission of information between them and their Hive component. Additional testing on their Immune System, related Physiological System and Controllers is in progress as well. This confinement was requested by the Borg Hugh Conglomerate, because of unwanted conduct by these individuals, which Chiron has agreed to incarcerate for an undetermined length of time. (they simply didn’t know what to do with them)

Each Module and Chamber is now isolated from the environment in which that component exists. These Units are in a complete Vacuum, which prohibits contaminants from being introduced into any given system. For Main Computer Chambers, two Exocomp, and two Synthetic Automated Personnel Technicians have been placed to service major components of that facility. Either of these have Defensive Programs, have the ability to fabricate and or use Phaser Pistols or other Security Equipment available to them and, will defend the environment should any external threat be detected.

Until notice of other Technology related to the advancement of this Computer System, no immediate work is scheduled. Further monitoring of the Stored Information related to “Personality Programming” will be conducted and evaluated as time passes. New information acquired via contact with Federation, Star Fleet or other Computer systems via covert transmissions, will be evaluated on a individual basis.

(This report will be deleted, upon closure of this document by viewer)

Leyor, Chief of Research and Design.

Chiron Intergalaxy Corporation
2010 Utopia Planitia, Chiron Office Complex, Suite 9405.
Utopia Planitia, Orbital Sol IV, Sector 001.
End of Report
Author & CEO of Chiron Intergalaxy Corp.
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