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Re: was ezri right in Tacking into the Wind - are Klingons hypocrites?

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^Well, to be frank, that would be an absurd question to ask, if my point was to discuss current corruption in the British system.
I disagree. If you asked me "who was the last British Prime Minister you respected?", a legitimate answer would be "Churchill", even though the man has been dead since before I was born.
Ezri was trying to hit home her point that the Empire had abandoned its Founding Principles (hmm...) by asking Worf to look at what the Empire had been like throughout his lifetime.
Again, I disagree. I think she felt the corruption had begun long before Worf was born, and that while he might be able to call up historical examples of Chancellors he respected, none of them would be recent enough to refute the idea that the Empire had been dying for generations. Centuries, even.
Again, going back to your analogy, it would be like my claiming that the British system has never not been corrupt.
Not really: if the best I can do is Richard the Lionheart, then you have basically made your case that no recent king was any good.
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