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Re: What can the iPad be used for?

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No need to have to flip it over!

I don't think they're in any shipping products yet, but Pixel Qi has been ramping up their production lines so hopefully soon. Essentially it's an LCD/e-Ink hybrid... when the backlight is on, you get a full color LCD. When it's off, you get black and white, low-power e-Ink.
I just watched the whole video - HOLY MOTHER OF GOD! E-ink like screen with no refresh or speed problems and switching between regular LCD. Why hasn't this hit the market yet?
The video states it still a work in progress. So I would expect several months still at the very least.
Apparently they had some production problems which were recently cleared up. But they say they're now ramped up to full production.

It is a little... worrying, as the company has been promoting this for a while now and a real product using it has yet to appear. But I'm still hopeful!
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