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Re: New Star Trek Fan Film

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I'm actually about an hour NW of Atlanta, but I really am tempted to try to get down to Albany to help in some way. I'm absolutely talentless, but maybe I could pass out lemonade or something.
We will post our shooting schedule, and you'd be more than welcome! Not sure about the lemonade, but we'll have plenty of sweet and unsweet tea on hand.

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In case you haven't already done so make sure to check the following....
The team has augmented their display panels using motion tracking and some other methods to keep the budget manageable and the result is more than worth it....
I agree that looks really nice, but not sure we'd be able to swing that on our first production. I met with our Director of Photography yesterday, and he's excited about the size of the bridge. When he heard the dimensions (and that we were doing it on a carport), he was less than optimistic. After he walked around the bridge three times yesterday, he was juiced and declared it more than large enough.

We ended up casting three more folks (again, all local actors) yesterday, with another wanting to join us on Monday. Also took on a young man who'll be basically serving as a stage manager (lighting, boom mics, camera work, etc.). Doing a makeup test with one of our Klingons today, and finishing up our to-do list from Thursday. It's clear to Ricky and I that as long as things continue as they are, we will have the bridge finished no later than June.

I've got to begin ordering uniform tops next, and this coming week, Ricky and I have to visit a local used car parts place (i.e. a junkyard) to find our captain's chair. We're going to put Van on a pivot mechanism for it.
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