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Re: Katie Cassidy: Genre babe of the week #14 (May 2010)

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Oh my god you people are just clueless.

This is a HUGE thumbs up in a BIG way. This lady just oozes sex appeal. Whether it's the evil manipulative bitch Ruby who starts Sam on his downward spiral or the career obbsesed maniuplative bitch Ella from Melrose Place she's just sexy as all hell.

She's just got "it" in spades.

You watch Melrose Place?!?

Damn skippy I do. Watched the original along with the original 90210 and Party Of Five when they first came out. I don't mind watching super hot women like Kartie Cassidy on tv for an hour drama. If I like an actor or actress a lot after first seeing them in a series or show I tend to try and watch them in other stuff and I enjoyed Katie Cassidy a lot as Ruby. She played that role extremely well so I followed her to melrose. Same with Stephanie Jacobsen (who should also be a GBOW) from Terminator: TSCC who is also in Melrose. Those two women are stunningly beautiful. Add in the nostalgia factor of watching a reworked show I used to watch and I'm happy to tune in.
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