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Re: Films you can't stand...

JJ's Star Trek.

Star Trek - Nemesis.

Batman & Robin.

Any Twilight movie.

And I can't remember the title, but it was about a black rapper wanting to be part of some golf club that his father used to work at. The rapper starts with attempting to bribe his way into the golf club, and after the owner refuses, finds a way to blackmail himself into the club. And oh, yeah, the owner has a black wife, and as he's stressing out about getting the PGA Golf Tour to use his club's course, isn't 100% there to weigh on her every whim. So she starts hooking up with one of the rapper's black entourage, making her a whore. And oh, yeah, the rapper at one point hovers a helicopter over the green gets out, and his bodyguard's was walking around with a gun. But when the owner obviously interested only the guy's class or lack there of attempts to have him removed from the club on some of these violations, they play it as if it's his skin color that's the problem.

I stopped watching, I couldn't bare to continue watching that pile of shit.
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