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Re: New Star Trek Fan Film

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LOL No, Albany, Georgia. It's about 200 miles South of Atlanta
Uggh. That's close enough to where I live to be tempting, but far away enough to be too difficult to pull off.

Best of luck, though. It's great to see more of this kind of thing going on in GA.
You'd be more than welcome, Kelso. You should come down once we get the set completed and filming nearly underway. It's not really that bad of a trip from Atlanta. I head up a couple of times a year (usually for funerals for aunts and uncles these days) as well as visits to my parents in Douglasville.

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When I was designing my set, I tried to make sure all of the consoles were no more than 3 feet wide, so I'm set. If you guys were closer, I totally would donate any leftovers for your production. I wonder if any frame shops or anything in your are would have anything similar? You might also check thrift stores for old plexi poster frames -- I think you'll need something under your consoles or they're going to sag like crazy.
We're using 1/4" pegboard-like board that's sitting atop a nice frame with support slats every eight inches or so. It's definitely stable. The hardest part is trying to lay a giant applique on it without any wrinkles appearing. That's one of the reasons I want to try the satiin, too.
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