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Re: Trek Review VHS Tapes

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The concern is that some of these tapes have print on them reading "For reviewing purposes only" the bizarre world of corporate copyright law, I can imagine Paramount trying to assert some kind of ownership rights. Maybe it's a stretch, but then I *am* a SF fan - my muscles of Suspension of Disbelief are well exercised! :-)

I'm no lawyer. Not even close. But I would have to imagine that "For reviewing purposes only" was an attempt to discourage resale. However I would also say that such a warning was necessary only to protect their profits on VHS sales of those same tapes. The VHS launch of DS9 has come and gone. So has the DVD launch. Paramount really has nothing to protect profit wise. If they really wanted to go after anybody it would be those people selling copies of the blooper reels. Paramount hasn't made on red cent on those suckers. If they're not suing left or right over illegal blooper reels I doubt they'd sue you over videotapes you received legally a decade ago. Again I'm not a lawyer but I think you're safe.
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