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LCARS Website Template

This took me about 2 days to put together. It is a website template framework that will allow you to easily make LCARS themed web pages.

All you need to do is download the .zip file and check out the demo.html page. It will explain everything to you.

If you don't trust me and want to see the page without downloading it first you can go to the web page.

The biggest issue right now is loading it up in IE it looks like 5h!t. I'm going to be working on that next. The reason for this is because I developed the whole thing on a linux system and didn't have IE installed to check the browser capabilities. sad I know.

So check it out, try it out, whatever you want.
Give me feed back. Thank you!

P.S. this uses the jQuery JS framework, so when developing with it keep that in mind. This will allow for some really amazing javascript tricks.
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