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Re: Will blu-ray play on an HD monitor?

Are they actually marketing computer monitors as "HD" now?

I'm not exactly sure about what you're asking.... the 16:9 ratio has nothing to do with whether or not it's in HD resolution or not. Computer monitors have been able to display at higher resolutions than 1080p for 20 years. If you have a Blu ray player in your computer it will certainly display Blu ray movies, otherwise why would they put it in your computer?

As to the picture quality, two things: you can't expect a 22" monitor that probably cost the manufacturer $60 to make to look as good as your Samsung 40" LCD HDTV or whatever you're comparing it to. Also, your computer no doubt allows you the capability (probably through the display settings of your video card since it's a new computer) to adjust the contrast, colour, brightness, etc. of your monitor. Right out of the box with the factory setting it's going to look really pale and a bit washed out because that's how people like it when they browse the Internet or use various applications, because otherwise the whites on the screen will burn your eyes out.
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