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Re: Iron Man 2 - Grading & Discussion Thread (spoilers guaranteed)

I saw it yesterday afternoon. I'm not one to write big reviews so I'll keep it brief.
Yeah, it was good. But certainly nothing overly amazing at all. Whereas the characters really buzzed in the first film, here they just seem kinda flat.
The fight scenes were awesome, notably the Monaco Grand Prix scene and the final battle of Iron Man & War Machine vs Micky Rourke, but the latter of which was over way too quickly IMO.
Plus it felt like a total retread of the first movie's climax; Iron Man vs a bad guy in a bigger metal robo suit.
I could also have done with a little more Iron Man in the movie, not that I don't enjoy Tony Stark, but he only properly puts the suit on and kicks ass twice in the whole film.

I was tempted to go for 'Average' but I'll rise it to 'Above Average' just for Scarlett Johanson alone. Everytime she was on screen I couldn't help uttering this kind of gutteral moan. mmmmmmmmmmmmm
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