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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

@Mytran - Good question! I hadn't seen that stage plan before so it came from measuring my model. I went and looked back at the 64' and I realized that I never updated my corridor model with the new 8' wide corridor scaling information .

I am using the S2 "Journey To Babel" stage plan for the layout and created a circle matching the curvature of the corridor so I can center the image for use in Lightwave.

(I overlayed the S1 "Balance of Terror" stage plan you uploaded earlier - very helpful!)

and with new information, I re-scaled the plan in Lightwave till I matched the corridor width of 8' and S2 Engine Room front wall to back wall length of 20'.

The distances I am now measuring are...

center to near corridor wall = 43.8'
center to far corridor wall = 51.8'

Granted I could be off a bit on the radius with the diagram and I'm okay with that as they're really to provide positioning information. I think as long as I get the individual rooms correct, I can place them on any curve necessary to approximate a room closer or further away from the center
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