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...I wonder whether the shuttle in "Let That Be" would be sufficiently provisioned.

I mean, the Cheronians apparently aren't humans, but "the most incredible physical specimen of all time" as McCoy puts it. And they live for tens of thousands of years each. Perhaps they don't need to eat quite as much per day as humans? And perhaps shuttlecraft are surprisingly capable of recycling breathing air and water, and possibly also solid wastes. A trip of a few decades might have been but a minor inconvenience for Lokai, if not for the unfortunate damage his stolen shuttle had suffered...

Timo Saloniemi
Never thought of that quite like that; good insight!
Also wonder how many of those thousands of years could be attributed to time dilation. Maybe Lokai and Beal weren't always lucky enough to commandeer FTL vessels in their endless craziness .
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