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Re: The Children of the Kings

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I'm looking forward to this- an exploration of Orion culture aND history seems long overdue- but sadly it must wait unrtil exam period is finished. I'll have quite a backlog of novels to look forward to. I have glanced througj it, and what 've seen looks interesying.

please excuse my drunkneness. Annual tradition. I'll be myself again tomorrow.
I think it gives a fairly good explanation of why the Orions are a dimorphic species with the Males being so much larger than the females and so incredibly strong. The hormones in their body chemistry basically enhance the development of the sexes differently as they grow to a much higher degree than other species, enhancing pheromones and sexual appeal in females and size and strength in males. So you end up with hulking mammoths, brutes and sexual vixens, seductresses. Basically the Uber-Masculine and Uber-Feminine.

It also touches on the history of the Orions when they were and empire and the issues that caused their society to devolve.

I loved the portrayal of Orions in the Enterprise series. Seeing the "Big Show"Orion Slaver toss people around and manhandle and shake T'Pol like a little doll was classic.

This book does a good job fleshing some of that out with a strong story and some strong character development of Pike's crew. It almost makes you wonder how Dr. Boyce would have interacted with Kirk and Spock.
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