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Re: Is there a series that I have missed?

Yep, you need to look at British series for starters:
Doctor Who - Timeship that can go anywhere in the universe, so about half the time that's contemporary-ish Earth, and half the time it's future Earth, alien worlds, worlds in the Earth Empire, scattered across billions of years of history.

Blake's 7: Second century of the third calendar (the new calendar was imposed by the dictatorship of the Federation when it took power). Basically, Star Trek, but written by Orwell or Kafka (on a good day. On a bad day, Star Trek that Fred Freiberger would have turned down).

Star Cops: Near future police series set among the first big space stations and Moonbase, as the International Space Police Force tries to bring the law to the High Frontier (set in 2027, made in 1987, so it's no longer really credible as 2027 that there'll be a Moonbase and five big stations up there by then, but it remains credible as about 40 years on from now).

I really can't think of any off-Earth US series that you haven't already tried...
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