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Re: Star Trek TV Series To 3-D - CBS possible Conversion

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I can't see it working anyway, 3D trek they'd probably have to yet again, redo the effects for the series
TOS-R is done in HD.
Think TNG [which would require a lot of visual effects to be redone]:
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If Star Trek TNG Remastered? were to be done there is the possibility that it would be done for 3-D at the time and also CBS Television could then syndicate it in 2-D HD as well as sell the seasons on Blu-ray
If they were telecining from the original camera negative (just like TOS-R) the quality would be top notch and give them as much as possible to work with to create CGI visual effects from scratch for TNG-R in 3-D.

[Moonves] said he has seen prototype conversions to 3-D of old episodes of "Star Trek"
I wonder what type of 3-D work was done on these TOS episodes? Surely the visual effects CGI work done in 2006 were not created in stereoscopic 3-D by CBS Digital at that time...

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