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Elim Garak/Andrew Robinson fans?

Hey, anyone into Andrew Robinson, the actor who portrayed Elim Garak in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine? He's in a show at Yale Repertory Theatre. I just saw it and it's pretty neat to see our own Garak on stage. The play is called Battle of Black and Dogs by the French playwright Bernard-Marie Koltès, adapted by Michael Attias and directed by Robert Woodruff.

It's not a scifi play but it is an interesting show on a minimalist set and with AMAZING sound. Andrew does a great job of playing Horn, the worksite manager who is trying to cover up a murder. Link to description is below if anyone is interested. If you are close to the New Haven, CT area you should come out and support a past ST:DS9 actor!

Let me know if you'll be coming!

Battle Of Black and Dogs
Now through May 8, 2010 only!
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