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Re: Star Trek TV Series To 3-D - CBS possible Conversion

1) I agree with people who think 3D tv is a fad. It may work for movies, but I just don't see people sitting down on a couch at home and putting on glasses to watch TV. Maybe once parallax technology advances to the point of requiring no glasses. But not until then.
2) The cost of doing a live action show in 3D is still too prohibitive. Especially for a show like Star Trek where we've been arguing about how to trim budgets to work with smaller audiences.
3) The first scripted TV shows to go 3D will be CGI. It's just so much cheaper/easier to produce 3D shows in CGI than with traditional actors/cameras. So I expect to see Lucas jump on the bandwagon with Clones Wars or his post-ROTJ CGI series before I see any Trek TV in 3D.
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