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Iron Man 2: Grading, Review, Discussion **SPOILERS**

With the movie opening globally in some places and sneak advance showings in others its time for this thread as recommended by Hyperspace05 in the Build Up Till Release thread.

Some early posts from the other thread.

SalvorHardin wrote: View Post
I just saw it.
I enjoyed it, perhaps even more than the first one (I'll need a couple more viewings though)
Good performances all around and quite funny with some great lines.

The fight scenes were also very good.
However, it had too little Iron Man in it for a second Iron Man film and with the origin and introductions out of the way.
And the Final Battle with Whiplash still suffered. Far too quick and easy.

And of course I can not help but mention Scarlett Johansson. Simply magnificent...
The very definition of sexy no matter if she was rocking business wear or kicking ass in spy gear.
ElimParra wrote: View Post
Enjoyable film. Thought that Downey Jr was brilliant, as was all of the cast, but thought Rockwell had some great lines. 7 out of 10.
Oden wrote: View Post
Cool movie overall. A little bit slow in the middle. RDJ just owned every scene he was in. The cast overall was pretty great. The whole SHIELD organization felt a little out of place from the rest of the movie. Their operatives felt a little more "comic bookey" than the rest of the movie. Scarlett Johansson was a good addition to the cast although some of her posing during her fight scenes was a tad weird.

Thumbs up for Iron Man 2!

SPOILER CODES not necessary but appreciated, if your someone wanting to avoid any cursory spoilerage best stay away till after you've seen the film.

Also, stay after the credits Mutenroshi has said there is a scene.
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