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Star Trek TV Series To 3-D - CBS possible Conversion

Reuters has a report from the Milken Institute Global Conference, and the "The Business Behind the Show: Outlook for the Entertainment Industry" panel which had a number of industry executives participating, including CBS President and Chief Executive Les Moonves. One of the subjects was the future of 3-D TV and converting shows to 3-D. Moonves revealed that CBS has been experimenting, here is an excerpt:
[Moonves] said he has seen prototype conversions to 3-D of old episodes of "Star Trek" — and that they did not "knock him out" or convince him there was a market for such shows.
"Does the experience get good enough on television to work? I’m not sure it’s going to be economically viable for the near future," the media executive said.
It was only four years ago that CBS began its work to digitally remaster the entire original Star Trek Series in HD, with all three seasons now available on Blu-ray. Now 3-D TV technology is the hot new thing. Although 3-D is dominating in the movie theaters, it is just a tiny fraction of the TV market for now, mostly due to the cost of the equipment and the lack of content.
already 53 comments at Trekmovie on this with some of them mentioning that 3-D TV technology is a fad. There they said it.
CBS chief voices 3D-TV doubt, News Corp upbeat

While we're on the topic of 3-D and Trek TV what about series 6 of Trek TV
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What about shooting just the 2-hour pilot in 3-D that would get a limited release in digital 3D cinemas?

The rest of the series could be in 2D but if they do a pilot and possibly a season finale in 3-D it could be an event for Trek as well as some extra revenue for $12.-15./ticket.
For all of the people that don't own a 3-D HDTV when the show starts why not
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with the proliferation of digital projection by 2011 that CBS Home video would try something with the pilot in advance like they did with TOS "The Menagerie" in 2007 in cinemas for 2 nights only to paying cinemagoeers.
It was just last week I wrote:
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DirecTV is starting up
a linear 3D channel dubbed "N3D."The satellite operator's N3D channel will include programming from partners AEG/AEG Digital Media, CBS, Fox Sports/FSN, Golden Boy Promotions, HDNet, MTV, NBC Universal and Turner Broadcasting System.
That did say CBS.
Since CBS Television owns Star Trek series it is possible to premiere the next Trek TV series in 3-D HD.

Could Trek work on a 3-D channel similar to N3D that would be on DirecTV and also cable networks?
If Star Trek TNG Remastered? were to be done there is the possibility that it would be done for 3-D at the time and also CBS Television could then syndicate it in 2-D HD as well as sell the seasons on Blu-ray first sold in 2-D HD of course...for the standard Paramount/CBS Television Trek home video double er...triple dip.

I've titled this thread as 'possible conversion' and this doesn't need to turn into another Leslie Moonves bashing thread. Not the feature films but let's discuss the possibility of any Trek TV series in 3-D.

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