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Re: The Official Welcome Thread

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Greetings! I just joined but sorta lurked around for a while, enjoying the posts from many of you (often rofl). I am really not a trekker, more of a Star Wars fan, but would never give ST a bad rep! My hubby is more of the ST connoisseur, often times citing what episode is on by only watching the first few moments of the episode (TOS, DS9, TNG, and TE). I grew to enjoy TNG more than any others, and hubby enjoyed TE and was sad to see it go! Anyways, I am a huge CP fan and look forward to watching his career explode (wait, it already has!) with his ST movies and others as well! MTFBWY and LL&P!
Belted welcome! Always nice to have someone who likes both ST/SW. Your husband sounds like my dad with regards to TOS episodes. I too tend to prefer TNG over the others.
Again, welcome aboard! (May The Robau Be With You)
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