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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

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Thanks blssdwlf, the pics are coming up well now! Where did you get the information that the S2 room is taller? I must admit I mostly work in 2-D so haven't noticed!
@Mytran - Yep I wouldn't have noticed either until I started putting together the ceiling parts. You can see in the screenshots below that the ceiling framework starts a few feet lower in the S1 engine room. It looks like when they added that balcony they had to move up the framework.

@Albertese and Mytran - Ahahaha "What would the Thermians do?" is pretty much the same motto I'm using for this too! Can I use that in my signature?

(Although I'm willing to alter the curve of the corridors and do small tweaks though )

One thing I've found through building out these structures is that it does put some interesting limits on where they can go in the ship (especially the 947' version). Even if we use the lower height S1 ER in the primary hull, the sheer height of the room + the height of the pipe structure limits it to somewhere close to the center of the ship and not the rim near the impulse engine area. The rim is too thin and the undercut really prevent any placement far away from the center.

@Mytran - forgot to write that I'm getting a 64' radius to the outer wall in my model.
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