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Re: First view of SOTL 2011 Vertical Romulan Warbird

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Overall, I'm under-impressed. The wings are too plain and the head's...well...ugly. The gold deflector might have been cool, but the gold cheesy and the shape too simple.

The wings are too similar to the warbird's for me (why not just have them be horizontal if there's nothing else different about them?) and the warbird's head is vastly superior. There's just nothing here to make it stand out as anything other than an early version of the better warbird. It's a "what-if" we turn the wings vertically and blunt the beak.

Real (disappointing) lost opportunity here.

I hope you're not reading this, Mr. P
I posted in the other SOTL thread that the vertical arrangement was the original arrangment and that the powers that be thought it was too alient or something like that (I still don't understand that decision).

I would prefer the vertical makeup simply because it is different and not something we see every day. After all, why do the Carassians, Klingons, Romulans, et al., have to have the same horizontal arrangement?

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