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Re: Twilight Zone may arrive on Blu Ray

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What's interesting is Twilight Zone is one of several shows I've heard cited as being "unreleasable" in HD without major alterations. The release of The Prisoner shows this to be hogwash. And I'm encouraged that they're releasing the shows full-frame and not with fake widescreening (don't get me started on that).

It'll be interesting to see what they do with the videotaped episodes. If they're able to include them, and make them watchable in HD (I've seen some Blu-Ray transfers of videotaped content that look like a 25-year-old VHS) then that bodes VERY well for the potential future BR release of other shot-on-video productions such as early Doctor Who, All in the Family, Ed Sullivan Show, etc. As long as Blu-Ray players remain backwards compatible with DVD this isn't an issue, but it's only a matter of time before a next generation format comes along that isn't, so the powers that be have until then to develop an acceptable workaround for shot-on-video and lower-quality film productions before we lose an immense amount of television history.

Really? I've never seen Twighlight Zone or The Prisoner included in a list of unreleasable Blu-Ray shows. If anything they are the shows that people said COULD be released on Blu-Ray. The shows that are nearly unreleasable in HD are the shows from the 80s-00s. Those are the shows that were worked on in video and have no hope of higher resolution without reverting to the originally shot negatives and re-editing the entire episode.
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