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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

Thanks blssdwlf, the pics are coming up well now! Where did you get the information that the S2 room is taller? I must admit I mostly work in 2-D so haven't noticed!

Inserting the log curved corridor causes all sorts of headaches, although I have come up with a couple of different solutions which I'll try and dig up. For reference, the radius is 50'3" to the outer wall (there is a very good reason for this seemingly odd distance)

Albertese, you have the same approach to Enterprise construction as me! My first draft of the "just what you see on screen" Enterprise was done back in University and it's only since joining this board that I have dusted off the project for a second (and more accurate) version. It will be very interesting to see how our versions turn out (and differ!) Like you I am also going through the exhaustive process of watching and documenting each episode - but you know it's worth it!
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