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Re: Scott talks about Alien prequel

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I was also intrigued by something he said in another interview-- that he felt he'd have to probably redesign the Alien itself, because of how familiar and play-out the original's become.

Frankly I have to agree with him. Now that we know what every inch of it looks like, everything it's capable of, and how it's entire damn life cycle works, there's just no mystery to it anymore.

I wouldn't change the shape entirely, but a lot of the details definitely need to be rethought.
I'm not expecting a drastic re-design of the Alien. Obviously it will have to be different than the ones seen in the previous movies if indeed this is one that emerges from the Space Jockey.
You know considering the size of the hole in the Jokey it must have been a pretty big alien.
The Jockey itself was pretty big. Logic would suggest an Alien based on it would be a decent size, even a baby one.
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