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Re: Star Trek: Fighter Command

Janeway kept up compressions until, less than two minutes later, McKnight came back with the EMedkit. McKnight quickly tossed it to Janeway, who quickly pulled out the defribilator and quickly shocked her back into rhythm. The monitor on the tricorder quickly became more steady and stabilized. “How many people did you have to fight through to get this?” Janeway joked as he quickly cauterized Sovak’s wound.

“You don’t wanna know,” said McKnight with a grimace. When Janeway looked over, McKnight just looked away.

“Alright, she’s good until we evacuate,” said Janeway as he activated the ship’s comm. at one of the few working stations, “What’s the status of the communications, shields, engines, and sensors Mr. Warrth?”

“Shield generator is destroyed, the armor is running though, communications are working for the time being, I can only give you half impulse, sensors are working, the convoy escorts are getting shredded by the Pyramids’ fighters, and weapons are down as most of the EPS is disabled,” replied Warrth from Engineering, where it was organized chaos, “We’re also getting sporadic reports from different decks about Borg assault drones.”

“Don’t worry about that, we’ll be off this ship soon enough. I’m ordering an evacuation authorization Janeway-Sigma-Delta-3-9-6-8-Omega. Warrth, transfer fleet command protocols and sensors to the helm,” Janeway began, “McKnight, you, Patterson, Clancy, and Deaver, get the wounded to the Medevac runabout and head for Trion Prime as fast as you can make it. I’m gonna take down those Pyramids.” McKnight and the others nodded with a chorus of “yes, sirs”. Janeway sat down at the helm, and punched up the maximum impulse available, and pulled up Battleaxe Squadron’s positions, and saw that the squadron’s guided weapons defense cruiser, the USS Tian An Men, was still able to fight. Janeway activated fleet command channel and ordered, “This is Commander Jake Janeway of the USS Musashi, I’m taking command of the squadron authorization Janeway-Sigma-Delta-3-9-6-8-Omega, Tian An Men, I need some cover from those drones and the Pyramids’ torpedoes.”

“Roger that, Battleaxe Leader,” Janeway heard over the comm., and he quickly punched in the collision course at the lead Pyramid. Coming in on the Musashi’s flank, the Tian An Men provided withering defensive fire from every arc, lashing out at enemy torpedoes and fighter drones with impunity. As escape pods shot away from the ship, the Musashi dove through a torrent of energy coming from the enemy ships.

Janeway punched in his access code, and activated the self destruct sequence and punched the final heading in. Bolting from his seat, Janeway jumped into the final emergency turbolift. “Requesting authorization for self destruct sequence,” the computer said calmly

“Authorization Janeway-Sigma-Delta-3-9-6-8-Omega-Sigma-Charlie, countdown for 60 seconds,” said Janeway as the Arrow class Runabout, the USS Javelin in the shuttlebay, was activated and the emergency lift dropped at breakneck speed. Janeway sprinted from the turbolift to the open hatch of the Javelin and clambered into the runabout. Sliding into the seat, Janeway activated the shuttles engines, and as the ship’s hatch closed, he pulled out of the shuttlebay and through the bay’s magnetic containment field. As the Javelin pulled out the bay, the Musashi began its terminal run, plowing through several fighter drones. The targeted Pyramid finally took notice of the ship bearing down on her, and launched another volley of torpedoes at the crippled Musashi, but the Tian An Men again lashed out with her micro-torpedoes batteries, destroying all but two of the incoming. As the Tian An Men pulled away from the battleship, the Musashi shrugged off the two torpedoes, and smashed into the Pyramid, cracking the Musashi’s saucer. On the main console in engineering, the self-destruct countdown reached zero, and in less than a microsecond, every remaining phaser bank, photon, quantum, transphasic, and tricobalt torpedo overloaded and detonated, including the ship’s antimatter supply. The resulting explosion was massive, 700 trillion isotons, which all but shattered the Pyramid. The shockwave slammed into the Javelin and again Jake blacked out.
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