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Re: Star Trek: Fighter Command

Star Trek: Fighter Command

Commander Jake Janeway (Executive and Tactical Officer of
the USS Musashi, SCH-221, Ronin Class Heavy Star Cruiser)

Lieutenant Evan McKnight (Helm Officer of the USS Musashi)

Fleet Captain Sovak (Captain of the USS Musashi)

Original Timeline

2378: Kathryn Janeway promoted to Vice Admiral; USS Titan begins shakedown

2379: Shinzon assassinates Romulan Senate; Shinzon assumes office of Praetor; USS Enterprise dispatched on mission of peace; Battle of Bassen Rift, Scimitar is destroyed by Lt. Cmdr. Data and killed, USS Titan officially commissioned under Captain William T. Riker, Section 31 recovers the Scimitar’s cloaking device and the Thelaron Weapon

2381: Section 31 (S31) begins to coordinate with secret elements of the Romulan military and Tal Shiar known as The Brethren to make a Time Ship equipped with the Scimitar’s cloaking device to stop the assassination of the Romulan Senate in 2379, codenamed Operation: Time Bandit; Ambassador Spock comes out of hiding after Section 31 operatives attempt to recruit Spock for Operation: Time Bandit

2386: Time Ship Epoch is launched under joint Brethren-Section 31 control, undergoes shakedown for a year

2387: Epoch attempts time travel and succeeds, but also accidentally creates a temporal distortion that accelerates Hobus to end of its stellar life; Ambassador Spock goes to Hobus and discovers Hobus star is about to go supernova and attempts to warn Romulus of the danger it represents; The Jellyfish, designed by Geordi LaForge, launched; Ambassador Jean-Luc Picard and Ambassador Spock collaborate to stop the supernova; Hobus goes supernova destroying Romulus and Remus; LaForge brings the Jellyfish to Vulcan; Spock attempts to stop the supernova, but is attacked by the Narada under Captain Nero; Spock succeeds in launching the Red Matter into the supernova, both the Jellyfish and Narada appear to be destroyed by the resulting black hole, but are sent back to 2258 and 2233 respectively

Altered Timeline

2379: Shinzon assassinates Romulan Senate; Epoch arrives and discovers the situation; Shinzon assumes office of Praetor; Epoch secretly assists at the Battle of Bassen Rift, the Scimitar is destroyed, but Lt. Cmdr. Data lives; Lt. Cmdr. Data is promoted to Captain and assigned to the Daystrom Institute, where he meets Calvin Raytheon, CEO of Swift Military Technologies; USS Titan Launched

2380: Data introduces Calvin Raytheon to Admiral Janeway; Raytheon proposes to Janeway, and Janeway becomes pregnant; Calvin Raytheon is killed protecting Admiral Janeway from assassination; Trailblazer Transwarp Project begins; Trial over the Doctor’s Rights goes to the Federation Supreme Court; Bajor joins the Federation; Jacob Calvin Janeway is born

2381: USS Trailblazer destroyed by sabotage; USS Pioneer successfully tests transwarp drive; Federation Security Council orders all front line vessels to be equipped with transwarp drives by 2388; Colossus Class Heavy Dreadnought Project begins; 1st assassination attempt on Jake Janeway by unknown forces; Romulan Senate approaches Ambassador Spock with Tri-Power Alliance talks; The Doctor is given full rights under the Federation Charter

2382: Federation Security Council Emergency Session approves plan and relays the plan to Chancellor Martok; Chancellor Martok, despite advice to the contrary, agrees to talks; Odo reforms the Dominion into the Protectorate; Tri-Power Alliance talks begin on Cardassia, where the Tal Shiar and the Kor’Vath attempt to assassinate Ambassador Spock and Chancellor Martok; Talks end successfully on Cardassia, forming the Tri-Power Alliance and eliminating the Romulan Neutral Zone; Federation-Cardassian Alliance formed; With permission from the Protectorate, Starfleet exploration of the Gamma Quadrant resumes

2383: Daystrom Institute discovers a way to do large scale replication of starship components; First contact with the Velora Aggregate in the Beta Quadrant; USS Titan is destroyed Beta Quadrant by Velora forces and all hands assumed lost; Jean-Luc Picard retires from Starfleet and is given ambassadorship to Protectorate; Titan crew are captured by Velora; Velora ship captured by Titan crew; First contact with Trios Imperium; Attack on combined Protectorate/Starfleet task force by Trios forces; Terrorist attack on Paris by Triosian terrorists; War declared on Trios Imperium; Joint Cardassian/Starfleet fleet captures Trion Prime; Obsidian Order troops massacre Trios civilians; Trios Liberation Force (TLF) formed; Elim Garak elected Detapa Chairman of Cardassian Union

2384: Trios Insurgency continues; Holographic crew of the USS Warspite seeks asylum with the Federation Marshalls Bureau from Section 31; Starfleet Intelligence begins file on Section 31; USS Colossus launched after a year-long shakedown cruise

2385: 2nd attempt on Jake Janeway’s life; The Brethren attempt a coup with the help of S31 and the Epoch, and fail; The Epoch is hunted down and captured by joint Federation/Tal Shiar fleet; Epoch crew turned over to the Tal Shiar; TLF approaches Starfleet Intelligence with a peace deal; Peace brokered by Ambassador Worf between TLF and Protectorate/Federation/Cardassian Union; Trios Republic formed and elections set for 2386; Section 31 attempts to rig the Federation Presidential elections after peace accord; Fascist coup topples Garak government; Garak exiled to Federation; S31 attempts hostile takeover of Federation Council but stopped by Marshalls Bureau; S31 1st Fleet and 31st Army Corps invades Earth and kills President Pollwu S’lay and installs S31 Director Ghodan Makar as President of the Federation; Vulcan, Bajor, Andoria, Betazed, Risa, and Arcadia II secede from Federation and form the New Coalition of Planets; S31 deploys fleet groups throughout Federation and bombards Rigel IV back to the stone age as a lesson; Admiral Janeway and most Starfleet, Marine, and Army officers resign their commissions and join the UCP forces, taking their ships and equipment with them; The NCS Colossus is destroyed while defending Vulcan from S31 2nd Flotilla, destroying a 1/3rd of the Flotilla; Federation Civil War begins

2386: S31 3rd and 4th Fleets attack the NCP; Admiral Janeway promoted to CINCStarfleet; Captain Kwame’s Task Force Indigo holds the line at Bajor until Deep Space Nine decides to defect and devastates the S31 6th Fleet Group; Benjamin Sisko returns from the wormhole; Admiral Leyton is given command of the entirety of the Section 31 fleet; Admiral Leyton begins renewed offensive on the UCP, capturing Betazed and destroying the 2nd UCP Fleet Group; UCP Intelligence discovers the S31 shipyards hidden on Io; Ben Sisko promoted to
Admiral; 3rd attempt on Jake Janeway’s life

2387: S31 Forces under Admiral Leyton continue offensive; Resistance groups in Bolarus, Grazerite, Coridan, Betelgeuse, Zakdorn, and Evora systems attack and disable holographic crews of 51st, 22nd, 659th, 12th, and 97th S31 Fleet Groups; NCP Fleet Groups dispatched to defend Bolarus IX, Grazer II, Coridan, Betelgeuse II, Zakdor, and Evora Prime; Admiral Sisko assumes command of the 4th NCP Fleet and begins offensive, taking both Betazed and Bynaus; Bynars create holographic matrix disruption torpedo for deployment with fleet; The Doctor protests the building of the weapon, but is persuaded by Data to delay his objections until after the war; Cardassian Union joins war on the S31 side; Klingons persuaded by Captains Riker, Data, and Worf to join the NCP forces; Combined S31/Cardassian Fleet attacks and destroys DS9; 6th S31 Armored Corps takes Bajor, while Obsidian Order team assassinates Kai Odenta and Shaakar Edon; S31 destroys the NCP Colony of Valos III using red matter

2388: Garak organizes Cardassian resistance movement; Elaysian resistance forces disable and destroy the S31 Task Force responsible for Valos III; Sisko takes command of Task Force 141, a special operations unit dedicated to destroying S31 shipyard facilities and eliminating/capturing S31 leadership; President Makar fakes a massacre by NCP forces on Tiburon carried out by Obsidian Order troops; Task Forces Indigo and Aegis under Captains Kwame and Thr’ar uncover the plot; Trill, Edos, Tyrellia, and 30 more member worlds defect, forcing NCP task forces to defend them; USS Juggernaut is launched under command of Admiral Leyton, and is the largest ship yet built; Juggernaut engages and destroys the 5th and 10th NCP Fleet Groups at Delta Vega VII; NCS Colossus-A captures the Juggernaut at Trill, though Admiral Leyton escapes; NCS Challenger, NCS Colossus-A, NCS Titan-A, NCS Valiant-A, and NCS Aventine aka TF 141 launch assault on Io and capture 2/3rds of the facilities; Cardassian Armada dispatched to help defend Sol system; Cardassian dissident forces capture the Central Command and broadcast special recall code with the help of Bajoran resistance, allowing TF 141 to withdraw to Bajor and support the Bajoran resistance disable and destroy the Section 31 fleet using transphasic torpedoes, the technology’s first use since 2378; ; Final assault on Earth by joint Cardassian/Bajoran/Vulcan/Andorian/Starfleet/Klingon fleet; TF 141 and Enterprise-E Hazard Teams sent down to arrest Ghodon Makar, where they discover he is the mother creature for a unknown alien force similar to the Starfleet Conspiracy of 2364 and Commander Munro kills it; Admiral Leyton surrenders almost all fleet units after the creature is killed, claiming no memory since early 2371; Section 31 forces in the Sol System surrender, ending the Federation Civil War, Jean-Luc Picard elected temporary President of the Federation, pending elections in 2389

2389: Federation Army Command (FAC) is given full autonomy and begins constructing and recruiting a standing army; Special Operations Command formed by Commander Munro of Starfleet, Captain Logan of Starfleet Marine Corps, and Lt. Col. Ch’Thane of FAC; Commodore Tuvok given command of SOC; Captain Data is given command of the USS Agammenon, an Achilles class Tactical Battleship; Admiral Janeway promoted to Fleet Admiral as well as CINCStarfleet and given command of the refitted Enterprise-E; Jean-Luc Picard wins Presidential Election by a landslide against Councilor Shrarlan of Andoria

2390: Shrarlan murdered by renegade changeling; The Doctor brings up the rights of the crew of the Warspite to President Picard, who have been detained since 2386, Picard promises to fix the issue; Picard signs Executive Order 4589 giving all sentient holograms rights and privileges under Federation law; Sentient Holograms colonize Karvis Delta III; The Nanon, the sentient nanites created by Wesley Crusher, request to join the Federation, application process begins; Deep Space Nine rebuilt; Quantum Slipstream Project begins

2395: The Nanon become part of the Federation; The Holos join the Federation; Jake Janeway graduates from S’lay High School and enlists in the Starfleet Marine Corps, graduates at the top of his class, and is recommended for NCO training; Janeway graduates top of his class and is assigned to 2nd “Raider” Force Recon Company; Border conflict with the Tholians breaks out and the Tholians take Polyx II; “Raiders” ordered to scout ahead of planetary invasion, and make a HALO infiltration of Polyx; 1st Platoon’s Captain is captured and killed in the infiltration and Janeway takes command; Janeway organizes the company against the Tholian counter attack and saving the invasion; Janeway recruited by Captain Munro to join SpecOps Delta Detachment; Bajoran New Circle kill Councilor Shaakar Meron and several thousand Bajoran citizens on DS9, also known as the DS9 Attacks; Captain Riker promoted to Commodore; Quantum Slipstream successfully tested

2396: SpecOps Delta given mission to infiltrate Vulcan separatists with Federation Marshalls; Janeway succeeds in winning over the separatists and stops them before their attempts to assassinate Ambassador Spock succeed; SpecOps Delta given assignment to eliminate a band of Bajoran isolationists responsible for DS9 Attacks; SpecOps Delta succeeds in capturing Li Edon, leader of the New Circle, and successfully stop the plan to destroy the Federation-Cardassian Alliance renewal talks; Li Edon revealed to be Section 31 agent; SpecOps Delta and Admiral Janeway are implicated in plot to assassinate President Picard; While on the run, Delta manages to clear their name and they destroy the Titan-A to prevent it from being used as a S31 suicide ship against Starfleet One; Jake Janeway applies to Starfleet Academy and is accepted

2397: Borg Confederation makes contact with Federation, and requests help from the Federation, which is denied despite Admiral Janeway’s objections

2398: Jake Janeway graduates from Starfleet Academy; Borg Confederation joins with Hugh’s Borg and forms the Borg Alliance

2399: Borg Alliance attacked by 14 tactical cubes; The Federation issues an ultimatum to the Collective, stating that if the Collective refuses to withdraw, it will eliminate them once and for all; Borg refuse and attempt to assimilate Cardassia Prime; Federation 2nd Fleet arrive and destroys 7 tactical cubes, before the Borg withdraw; Borg Wars begin; Galactic Union talks begin and Galactic Union formed and the founding members: UFP, Klingon Empire, Borg Alliance, Cardassian Union, Romulan Star Empire, Protectorate, and the Breen; Breen/Cardassian forces launch Dreadnought missiles at transwarp to attack key Borg installations and destroy vinculums on several planets; Borg attack with Flotilla of cubes and tactical cubes, with 10,000 support ships; Federation/Klingon forces respond by using Quantum Warp(formerly quantum slipstream) to attack the Unimatrix and kill the last remaining Borg Queen; Lt. Cmdr. Janeway promoted to Commander

2400: Borg go on rampage and begin referring to themselves as the Remnant; Siege of Trion Prime begins; Galactic Union (GU) forces sent to relieve them

Prologue: Resistance

“Battleaxe Leader, this is Convoy Alpha-Delta-1238, requesting escort to Trion Prime, repeat, requesting escort to Trion Prime,” the comm. crackled, startling Commander Jake Janeway, the ship’s tactical and executive officer, from his meditation.

“Convoy-Alpha-Delta-1238, please clarify,” said Lt. Cmdr. Evan McKnight, the ship’s helm officer, as he rubbed his tired eyes.

“Battleaxe Leader, this is Captain Afyon of the USS Courageous-A, we’ve lost of our escort and are about to arrive in the Trion system, assistance is required,” replied Captain Afyon over the comm.

“Acknowledged, standby,” McKnight said into the comm., looking over at Fleet Captain Sovak for her decision. She looked over at Janeway, who just shrugged.

“You’re the captain, not me, ma’am,” Janeway replied, “But for the record, I don’t believe it’s a good idea, as the Borg have been hammering the convoys and the squad is not in the best condition; anything bigger than a Pyramid would crush us and the squadron.” Janeway reached out with his Betazoid empathic senses to see what the others thought about this decision, and all he could sense is apprehension and fear; there was also courage beginning to grow within them, emanating from Sovak, though she didn’t show it.

“Tell them we are on our way, order the fleet to Condition Red and to rendezvous at Point Alpha-2-3-7-Sierra,” Sovak said, brushing her hair out of the way.

“So ordered, launching defense drones and activating shields and ablative armo….” Janeway began before seeing two Remnant Pyramids decloak on his sensors. Janeway scrambled to find his balance as he felt the bridge crew’s terror when the ships appeared on screen. He quickly tried to lock on with phasers, but the set of pyramids were faster. The Pyramids launched a volley of torpedoes, almost three dozen per Pyramid, and they were targeted on the biggest threat to the Pyramids; which, unfortunately, was the Musashi. The defensive drones were quickly depleted of their micro torpedoes; the drones then defaulted to their backup programming, slamming into the incoming torpedoes. Though the drones managed to eliminate 2/3rds of the incoming, that still left twenty three incoming projectiles hurtling through space toward the Musashi. “Brace for impact!!!” shouted Janeway as he activated the ships comm. and attempted to reinforce the forward shields before impact. He failed. The first fifteen or so smashed into the powerful shields of the Musashi, then as the shields failed, the remainder plowed into the hull. Janeway and the rest of the bridge crew were thrown from their stations and suddenly all Janeway saw was darkness...

When Jake awoke, he saw a bridge in chaos. Consoles sparked, the railing around the bridge was crushed, with several jagged pieces jutting out. Several crew members were struggling to get up and as he looked around, he saw Sovak impaled on one of the jagged pieces of railing. “Oh, shit!” shouted Janeway and tapped his comm. badge, “MEDICAL EMERGENCY ON THE BRIDGE!!!” There was no response so Jake ran for the emergency medical kit at the back of the bridge, ignoring the emergency medical tips that were coming through his comm. badge, ripping it off and smashing it with his boot.

“What are you doing, sir?!” said McKnight, who ran over, all but ready to grab Janeway and stop him. “What the hell are you doing?!”

“Backoff, McKnight, I’m a combat medic!!!” said Janeway as he pushed the junior officer away and began using the medical tricorder to determine the extent of the damage. Damage to the liver and spleen, but no arteries hit, that’s good. Her pulse and heart rate are worry-some though, Janeway thought. “All right, we can move her.”

“Are you out of your Betazoid mind? She’s got a piece of metal sticking through her guts!!!” McKnight shouted and he was about to continue but Janeway stood up to his full height, a good four inches taller than McKnight and just stared at him, smoldering. “Yes, sir,” McKnight said meekly and began to help Janeway pick her up off the rod impaling her. Sovak groaned in pain, but blessedly remained unconscious. Suddenly, the tricorder’s alarm went off.

“Damn it, she’s starting to arrest! Put her down, put her down!” Janeway shouted as they gently lowered her to the ground, and Janeway reached for the rest of the kit and came up empty. Looking over, he saw the kit being used by Patterson and Clancy to help the crewmen who were down, one bleeding from almost every opening on his face and the other who had seemed to be having a seizure. “All right, McKnight, I got a job for you to do, you have five minutes to get down to Medical on B deck and bring back a EMedkit, before she goes into full arrest, understood?” McKnight just nodded and ran for the Jefferies tube as Janeway began compressions, keeping Sovak’s heart going.
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