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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

Thanks everyone for the ideas and the references.

@Mytran - let me know if the image is still not coming up for you as it is coming up for me now. It might have been a hiccup at my webhost.

@TIN_MAN - thanks for the hints at which episodes that prop was re-used I'll take a look for ideas and at the very least get to re-use the model (just virtually)

@BK613 and TIN_MAN - those are pretty cool ideas for the double-room arrangement. I was thinking that the season 2 engine rooms could be side-to-side. I'm not so sure that the season 1 engine room would work next to a season 2 as Mytran points out they are different lengths and as I just realized that they are also different heights. The season 2 ER is a few feet higher than the season 1 ER.

A speculation: Perhaps the Season 1 ERs were replaced sometime in late Season 1/early Season 2 when they streamlined the dilithium circuit and energisers away from the room and placed it in the middle (and probably under) the floor of the ER...

I do want to tie in the corridors as seen in the episodes and "The Naked Time" unfortunately shows the S1 ER along a very long curved corridor I'm okay with a short curved corridor as I can still put that in the engineering hull, but the super long one that makes it a bit tougher (even if I make it less curvy )

PS. Am I the only one that thinks that vertical pipe conduit thing looks like a larger version of the vertical podium pipe thing that Spock fiddles with at the end of Wrath of Khan to get the mains back online?

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