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Re: New live action "Turtles"?

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The other big blunder of the live action turtles movies was that they did not highlight the turtles' unique personalities as well as the show did. They were too similar, aside from Michaelangelo sounding more surfer-like and Raphael having a New York accent. It shouldn't have been so hard to differentiate them since they were all basically types (leader, genius, smartass, party animal). The "TMNT" (2007) movie got that right but had a crushingly boring villain and story.
I thought the 1st live action movie really nailed most of their unique personalities. So much of that movie (as with the 2007 CGI movie) was centered on the personality clashes between hot head Raphael & straight arrow Leonardo. With those 2 doing the major dramatic heavy lifting, Michaelangelo took care of the comic relief. Donatello didn't get so much to do. He mostly just sort of palled around with Michaelangelo. But then, Donatello's super-genius inventions probably wouldn't have really fit in with the "dark, gritty realism" (TM) that the 1st movie was going for.

The 2nd movie tried to brighten it up more for the kiddies but the Turtles maintained their unique personalities. In fact, Donatello even got to be more science-y since he had Professor Perry to talk to.

It was in the 3rd movie that things kinda fell apart. It was like the studio wanted to turn all of the Turtles into Michaelangelo. Raphael kept some of his toughness and they turned the softening of his character into a character arc. Donatello got to do some technobabble exposition but seemed more concerned with feeding Corey Feldman as many one-liners as possible. The real problem was Leonardo. They tried to make Leonardo funny, which totally undermines his character as the serious Turtle.

I loved the 2007 CGI movie. I thought the villains were decent, if not anything to write home about. But what really sold the film was the strong Turtle characterizations, especially building up to the big Leonardo/Raphael fight. I'd love to see them do a sequel to that film.

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If mutant turtles were real

That's too real/detailed and even scares me. Maybe even the new movie suits aren't too far removed from that.
hmm reminds me of Tokka, the snapping turtle from TMNT II, but a bit more anorexic looking.
I was just thinking that.
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