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Re: The Lwaxana Troi Appreciation Thread

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Lwaxana was annoying and i loved her for it! The reactions she got from Picard, Worf and Deanna were great. And the episode Half a Life was wonderful thanks in part to her beautiful performance.

I never got to meet Majel and that will forever be one of my disappointments in life. I think she was extraordinary!
You hit it sqare on Randi. Being a huge TOS fan ever since I was little, I thought that the way Majel played Lwaxana was brilliant. I have long felt that Majel was highly underrated. Lwaxana was such a departure from Christine Chapel but Majel seemed to handle it with ease. She showed great comedic timing, but could take an over the top silly scene to dead serious in a heart beat. She was a very versitiel and talented lady and I've always enjoyed any episide that had Lwaxana in it.
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