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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

Mytran;4033149[B wrote:
BK613[/B]'s idea is a good way to combine the two Engine Rooms, although if you want to be accurate to the sets the season 1 version should be longer than than the later one. Unfortunately the Star Trek Magazine does not make this clear, since they were trying to argue that it was the same room, just with some refitting. Given their different room shapes this would be quite a feat of ... engineering
as long as interior bulkheads aren't load-bearing members, then it would be possible. the two-engine room arrangement has the advantage of explaining the reused ER footage, especially the Scotty Grate Grab.

Mytran;4033149However, if set accuracy isn't too much of an issue for you then no problem and the layout is fine as it is. I particularly like the way you've left enough room for a proper sized Emergency Manual Monitor[I wrote:
Not sure if this was directed at me but my iso view doesn't do the EMM room's width justice; it is wider on the cross-section. it will probably be corrected the next time I mess with this image.
Mytran;4033149[B wrote:
TIN MAN[/B] did a great multiple Engine Room setup recently - care to plug it again?
I'd like to see that as well; a dying motherboard has kept me from being very active lately and I have missed a bunch of stuff (especially images; most image-hosting sites are blocked at work.)
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