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All it takes to settle this in one's mind is to throw some values into a spreadsheet and look at the travel times to various real places. You soon realize that non-FTL impulse (.25c) isn't useful for much outside the solar system if you are stuck in a 24-ft shuttlecraft with next-to-nonexistent amenities.

here are some values to use:
1. 499 seconds for light to travel from the sun to the earth (one AU)
2. sun to Neptune's orbit = 40 AU
3. Voyager 1 and 2 = (a little less than) 100 AU
4. one light year = 63241 AU
5. distance to Proxima Centauri = approx 268000 AU

non-relativistic travel times ( 0.25c, constant speed, no acceleration times included)
1. 33.27 minutes
2. 1330.7 minutes (22.18 hours)
3. 3326.67 minutes (55.45 hours)
4. 1460.98 days (4 years)
5. 6191.296 days (16.96 years)

Now, granted, from our perspective here in the 21st century, 17 years to the next star would be tremendous but only if you are in a craft equipped and provisioned for such a journey.
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