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Eltro/ phonogene & digital pitch shifting

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how the "phonogene" -- the granddaddy term --
as alchemist mentions the Eltro Information Rate Changer harkens back to the phonogene which was created in 1953.
The initial phonogenes were manufactured in 1953 by two subcontractors: the chromatic phonogene by a company called Tolana, and the sliding version by the SAREG Company (Poullin 1999). A third version was developed later at ORTF.
pitch shifting:
An effect which enables a user to transpose the pitch of the input signal.
Pitch shift devices often allow the user to mix the input signal with the effected signal, thus creating a thicker, richer sound (e.g., parallel octaves or fifths). Some pitch shifters can also add very tiny shifts in pitch, thus creating a chorus-like effect.

Eventually a digital pitch shifter was created by Eventide, the Eventide H949 Harmonizer (pitch shifter) hit the market in 1980.
although to do this technically
Digital pitch shifting requires temporal compression or expansion of audio data
and the addition or removal of small audio segments to compensate.
These days you could probably simulate the
Mark II Eltro Information Rate Changer /Springer Tempophon/phonogene
using a DAW audio software simulating a vintage digital pitch shifter effect VST plugin costing $49.
Audio Damage :: Discord v2
"Discord 2 takes the vintage pitch-shifting style..."
On the product page link below are 3 somewhat limited Demo examples.
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