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Re: Scott talks about Alien prequel

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Well I'm gladd Scott is involved, but the prequel idea makes me nervous, and God does everything have to be in 3D now?
Yes, everything that can utilise it well now has to be in 3D because why the hell not? 3D is like 2D but slightly better. It's like saying "why does everything have to have surround sound" (or even just "sound"). This is a big scifi picture which will undoubtedly have some sights that 3D will be great for.
I just don't see it as being slightly better, at least not in its current form. Personally I found watching Avatar tiring, kept having to take the damn glasses off, and I didn't feel like I gained that much by it being in 3D, if anything it seemed jarring, kept constantly reminding me I was watching a film so I didn't feel I could lose myself in the story.

I realise I'm an old luddite who's in a minority here though

A 3D chestbuster on the other hand...hmm, you'd have to do that wouldn't you if you were Scott!
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