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Re: Jack Bauer and 24 series on precipice of same mistake ST. TNG made

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And I will NEVER understand how they could hire an action movie editor to direct a science fiction movie.
He directed a couple of other action movies. It's not like he had NO experience.

Besides, Trek hired sci-fi actors to direct feature length movies. You have to start somewhere, don't you?
Yeah, Executive Decision and US Marshals. Those were not entirely bad, but for a science fiction movie, you need someone who has a sense for visuals, and not only for action. This lack of sense becomes apparent every time in the movie. "Alien planet environment? Let's just put a yellow filter on the lens." is only one example.

Paramount hired sci-fi actors to direct, but only after they had already done sci-fi episodes to test the waters. And since these actors came from the show, they knew the characters.

Nemesis would have been a lot better had Frakes directed it.
A movie aiming low should not be praised for hitting that target.
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