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Re: Question Regarding the Bird of Prey

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Wait, ok, so The Search For Spock was wrong, or inconsistent with the series? I will say, when I said "the series" I meant to include the films; I can see why for clarity's sake they are being referred to separately.

I recognize that this could be inaccurate, but discusses both romulan ( and klingon ( birds of prey, so perhaps you can see why I would be confused.
Since the term was never used in TOS to describe the Romulan ship ( only its markings) calling the Klingon ship in TSFS is not 100 percent wrong or inconsistant. The implication from Stiles comment is that every Romulan ship seen in the Romulan War had this marking. Its unlikely that all Romulan ships were of the same design. Its an "national identifier" like a red star on a Soviet aircraft. It reflects the ships origin not its type.

OTOH the type ship seen in TSFS may actually be called "Bird of Prey" in Klingonese as well as some other alpha-numeric designation. From a visual standpoint it looks more like a Klingon design anyway. Romulans might also have ships they call "Birds of Prey" in their language. Ditto for "Warbirds". Perhaps thats why such terms use qualifiers like "Romulan" or "Klingon" when mentioned in Federation Standard.
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It was a popular "fanon" idea in the 90's that Klingons got cloaking devices and Bird-of-Prey ships in exchange for giving the Romulans battle cruisers.

Star Trek XI featured Klingon D7's decloaking during the Kobayashi Maru test in 2258, and surrounding the Nerada a 2233 deleted scene.

Enterprise gave the Suliban cloaking technology from the 27th(-ish) century. It also retconned Romulan cloaking tech from "scary and new" in TOS to "they always had them" in 2152.

Klingon ships being called "Warbirds" was supposedly a mistake in Enterprise, despite their winged design. The term was used again in STXI.

Oh, and there's an old-style Romulan Bird of Prey hidden in the background of the Nerada's giant landing area, along with the Vulcan ship from First Contact.

So: the words "Battle cruiser", "Bird of Prey" and "Warbird" are pretty much interchangable for Klingon and Romulan ships.
I think you fellows nailed it. It's obvious that in TSFS, the Klingon ship is called a "Klingon bird of prey." I would assume that on Q'onos, they have birds of prey, so it's entirely legitimate. Also, it's never stated that all Klingon ships are called, "bird of prey," just the design seen in TSFS and in other ST shows.

From TSFS, we know that Klingons use the differentiating term, "battle cruiser" to describe Enterprise, and probably Klingon ships of similar size and firepower.

Also, I'd say the phrase "warbird" might be a synonym for "bird of prey" to both Romulans and Klingons.

This is a case of behind-the-scenes inconsistency -- which makes me wonder how either Christophr Lloyd or Edward James Olmos would've looked in Romulan makeup -- but it doesn't mean the phrases can't be reconciled. I have no problem with it.
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