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Re: My Trek Rankings By Season

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That's a relief, and good info to have. I'll feel better going into it. I really had no idea they did all that.

Yeah, I think it will make a difference in watching the Remastered Versions.

Well while I was too young to appreciate the original run (I'm 46), I did see the whole series for the first time in the early 70's. I was a kid and actually more interested in Saturday morning fare than Trek, but I still recall liking it.
That's a good sign that you recall enjoying it when you were younger.

The last time I saw the show in the early 80's, it came on Sunday nights. Myself and a few friends would get together in a bit of a ritual fashion every week, put a buzz on, and watch Trek. It was great, and we thought it was just about the coolest thing ever. I want to be able to enjoy it again kind of like how I did then (probably minus that old fashioned buzz most of the time though). I want to make that "full circle".
Awesome. Well, I think you will definitely enjoy it then.

Thank you for the links, but get this, I'm on dial-up! Yep, you read correctly. I still have friends that send me YouTube links all the time, and I can't remind them enough times to make them remember that I can't watch it. It would be impossible for most people these days to deal with a 28.8 bps connection, but I'm pretty used to it.
Sorry about that. Well, I will provide you with images then, my friend...

Anyway, thanks again to all for the comments and the input.
Your more than welcome.

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