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Re: Scott talks about Alien prequel

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Well I'm gladd Scott is involved, but the prequel idea makes me nervous, and God does everything have to be in 3D now?
Yes, everything that can utilise it well now has to be in 3D because why the hell not? 3D is like 2D but slightly better. It's like saying "why does everything have to have surround sound" (or even just "sound"). This is a big scifi picture which will undoubtedly have some sights that 3D will be great for.

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God - I don't want to think of "Alien" and "Avatar" mixing.
Yes you do. You've thought about it before. You said in the Avatar thread that the only thing that would redeem Avatar were if it were set in the Alien universe.

I'm not keen on redesigning the Alien. A little bit, sure, every film has changed them a little (although the AvP2 ones seem pretty much exactly the same as the ones from Aliens). It needs to be pretty familiar if it can be: big penis shaped head, inner jaw, drooling teeth, bony "bio-mechanical" design, long tail with a blade... once you've got all that I can't see what else you can change and be radically different.
Well that might depend on what it's host was for all we know it might burst out of some huge hulking 6 armed alien and take non attributes from said alien like the one in 3 did from the dog.
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