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Re: My Trek Rankings By Season


I recommended TOS's "Doomsday Machine", "Mirror Mirror", and "Trouble with Tribbles" as a starting point because I know he is a guy who more than likely enjoys guy like things like hot girls in mini skirts, explosions, cool special effects, and the like. Of course I don't want to speak for you Joeman.

However, I just know that if I went back in time and wanted to convince myself that TOS was awesome. I would show myself these Remastered episodes to start.

Now, if I knew my past self was committed to watching the entire series no matter what: Then I would have myself watch it chronologically like this then...

Original Series Chronological Viewing Order

TOS - The Cage (TOS - Season 3 Disc 7) (Not the extended episode) *
TOS - Where No Man Has Gone Before (Season 1 Disc 1)
TOS - The Man Trap
TOS - Charlie X
TOS - The Naked Time
TOS - The Enemy Within
TOS - Mudd’s Women
TOS - What Are Little Girls Made Of?
TOS - Miri
TOS - Dagger Of The Mind
TOS - The Corbomite Maneuver
TOS - The Menagerie, Part 1
TOS - The Menagerie, Part 2
TOS - The Conscience Of The King
TOS - Balance Of Terror
TOS - Shore Leave
TOS - The Galileo Seven
TOS - The Squire Of Gothos
TOS - Arena
TOS - Tomorrow Is Yesterday
TOS - Court Martial
TOS - The Return Of The Archons
TOS - Space Seed
TOS - A Taste Of Armageddon
TOS - This Side Of Paradise
TOS - The Devil In The Dark
TOS - Errand Of Mercy
TOS - The Alternative Factor
TOS - The City On The Edge Of Forever
TOS - Operation: Annihilate
TOS - Amok Time
TOS - Who Mourns For Adonais?
TOS - The Changeling
TOS - Mirror, Mirror
TOS - The Apple
TOS - The Doomsday Machine
TOS - Cat’s Paw
TOS - I, Mudd
TOS - Metamorphosis
TOS - Journey To Babel
TOS - Friday’s Child
TOS - The Deadly Years
TOS - Obsession
TOS - Wolf In The Fold
TOS - The Trouble With Tribbles
DS9 - Trials and Tribble-ations (Deep Space Nine Season 5 Disc 2)
TOS - The Gamesters Of Triskelion
TOS - A Piece Of The Action
TOS - The Immunity Syndrome
TOS - A Private Little War
TOS - Return To Tomorrow
TOS - Pattern Of Force
TOS - By Any Other Name
TOS - The Omega Glory
TOS - The Ultimate Computer
TOS - Bread And Circuses
TOS - Assignment: Earth
TOS - Spock’s Brain
TOS - The Enterprise Incident
TOS - The Paradise Syndrome
TOS - And The Children Shall Lead
TOS - Is There In Truth No Beauty?
TOS - Spectre Of The Gun
TOS - Day Of The Dove
TOS - For The World Is Hollow And I Have Touched The Sky
TOS - The Tholian Web
ENT - In A Mirror Darkly, Part 1 (Enterprise Season 4 Disc 5)
ENT - In A Mirror Darkly, Part 2 (Enterprise Season 4 Disc 5)
TOS - Plato’s Stepchildren
TOS - Wink Of An Eye
TOS - The Empath
TOS - Elaan Of Troyius
TOS - Whom Gods Detroy
TOS - Let That Be Your Last Battlefield
TOS - The Mark Of Gideon
TOS - That Which Survives
TOS - The Lights Of Zetar
TOS - Requiem For Methuselah
TOS - The Way To Eden
TOS - The Cloud Minders
TOS - The Savage Curtain
TOS - All Our Yesterdays
TOS - Turnabout Intruder

TAS - The Magicks of Megas-Tu
TAS - The Practical Joker
TAS - The Slaver Weapon
TAS - Mudd's Passion
TAS - The Survivor
TAS - Beyond the Farthest Star
TAS - The Time Trap
TAS - Albatross
TAS - One of Our Planets Is Missing
TAS - Yesteryear
TAS - More Tribbles, More Troubles
TAS - The Lorelei Signal
TAS - The Ambergris Element
TAS - The Eye of the Beholder
TAS - The Infinite Vulcan
TAS - The Terratin Incident
TAS - Once Upon a Planet
TAS - The Jihad
TAS - How Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth
TAS - The Pirates of Orion
TAS - The Counter-Clock Incident
TAS - Bem

MOV - The Motion Picture
MOV - The Wrath Of Khan
MOV - The Search For Spock
MOV - The Voyage Home
MOV - The Final Frontier
MOV - The Undiscovered Country

Alternate Time Line:

MOV - Star Trek (2009)

Side Note:

~Of course TAS (The Animated series) can be skipped over if it is hard to get into it. Also, the Animated episodes are listed by stardate and not by airdate. So you will have to watch it according to this list and not the way that it presented within the DVD Complete Set.

Side Note 2:

* In addition, I recommend watching the Remastered Version of the original unaired pilot episode titled "The Cage" instead of the extended version. The extended episode of "The Cage" has black and white shots (or footage) mixed with color shots. it is a bit uneven or unnatural to watch the episode that way for the first time. Also, one will have to rent or buy the 3rd Season of the Remastered TOS in order to view "The Cage" first, too (Original Series Season 3 Disc 7).

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