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Re: My Trek Rankings By Season

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Yeah, that's how I first originally watched the majority of them before I started purchasing them. So to answer your question... yes. Netflix has the Remastered Version of Star Trek. In fact, I do believe it is the only version they have that I am aware of. You can confirm this in the Member Reviews section for each of the TOS DVD Seasons. Also, I think you will enjoy the enhanced special effects. They use CGI for a lot of the exterior shots of the starships, the planets, phaser fire, and strange alien phenomenon. Sometimes they will do CGI shots of a futuristic city in the background on a planet, too. They also cleaned up the picture's color / quality and the sound. They even re-scored the main theme song with a new identical voice artist in order to record it in true 5.1 digital surround sound.

I haven't seen the entire series since sometime around the early 80's. It was quite a shock to try and watch when I tried most recently, especially after watching the four modern series. I'll try and keep your tricks in mind when I do watch it (I chuckled at the "futuristic version of the 1960's"- that's good). I really do think I'm going to really enjoy it this time around.
Ha, ha, ha... I am glad that you found my reference to TOS as being futuristic version of the 1960's humorous. Whatever works for you in sticking with it, I know it will be well worth your time, my friend. Oh, and like you: I watched Star Trek: The Original Series in the early 80's, as well. I was a little kid then and had truly fond memories in watching them. However, years later I couldn't get into it after becoming a TNG fan, though. However, as you know, that has all changed now and I have come full circle in loving TOS again.
I watched the non-remastered versions and never had any problems with them. I don't expect 21st century effects and makeup from a 1960s show, and we're all well used to using the suspense of disbelief, so that's not really the problem. I pay more attention to the stories and characters, writing and acting. I was quite impressed with most of season 1, despite a few clunkers here and there, but the problems I had with the show were never the effects - it was the occasional sexism, and some things that weren't that prominent or noticeable in season 1, but got more and more jarring as the show went on: the reliance on cliches, especially the scenes where everyone laughs at the bridge at the end of the episode that got overused and old after a while, lighthearted moments that felt incongruous after redshirts deaths or destruction of entire planets... The main characters were great but stagnant, and maybe it was a blessing in disguise that the show was cancelled, and Trek could continue in the movies where the characters could get some development.

However, if your still not sure about TOS and you want to start off with a bang with the Original Series, I would watch the following episodes (below) out of the 2nd Season to start....

Doomsday Machine:

Mirror, Mirror: (The First Mirror Universe Episode)

The Trouble With Tribbles:
I'm not sure if Mirror, Mirror is to best way to get acquainted with the show, it makes for better viewing after we've already know the normal versions of characters well. I would recommend a few other episodes before you come to Mirror, Mirror - a few from season 1 could work well , too (the order is not important):
Where No Man Has Gone Before
Balance of Terror
The Cage/The Menagerie (choose which you'll watch - I think that The Cage is better, and I watched it first and really loved it, but it is the aborted pilot and doesn't feature any of the regular characters of TOS except for Spock, who is very different at this point; The Menagerie is good in its own right and manages to incorporate The Cage in it, though the framing story is a bit too far-fetched)
The Naked Time (best viewed after you've seen a few other episodes and gotten to know the characters somewhat, as it shows them acting 'abnormally' and revealing their hidden sides)
The Enemy Within (great episode, apart from a horribly sexist line at the end)
City on the Edge of Forever
The Galileo Seven
Devil in the Dark
This Side of Paradise (watch it after you've gotten acquainted with the characters, as they're again not quite being themselves)
Space Seed
Errand Of Mercy

From season 2, apart from The Doomsday Machine, The Trouble with Tribbles and Mirror Mirror, you also have to see Amok Time and Journey to Babel.

Season 3 has quite a few lame episodes, but also a few excellent ones, like The Tholian Web, Is There In Truth No Beauty?, The Enterprise Incident, Day of the Dove...
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