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Re: My Trek Rankings By Season

Luther Sloan wrote: View Post
As for TAS: .... I am willing to dive back into my DVD set and give it another fresh perspective, though.
Well, now I'm thinking that perhaps once I get through TOS, if that goes well, I'll at least give TAS a shot. Like you, I love Trek, so in a way it would kind of be a shame to not even give it a chance.

Luther Sloan wrote: View Post
As for the Original Series: I highly recommend that you make sure you are watching the Remastered Versions of the show. The revamped special effects alone makes it worth it... Also, if you think it will help, visualize Star Trek 11's cool effects and sets over the cheesy ones when you watch it, too. Either that or imagine TOS as some kind of futuristic version of the 1960s, that later gets altered by some type of time travel incident or something.
Well the only access I'll have to it is whatever Netflix has. Honestly, I didn't even know it had been remastered with revamped special effects. That's wild. I hope that's what Netflix has.

I haven't seen the entire series since sometime around the early 80's. It was quite a shock to try and watch when I tried most recently, especially after watching the four modern series. I'll try and keep your tricks in mind when I do watch it (I chuckled at the "futuristic version of the 1960's"- that's good). I really do think I'm going to really enjoy it this time around.

DevilEyes wrote: View Post
My ranking of seasons would be something along those lines (with some seasons sharing a spot, since I can't decide which one I like better):
Yeah we really are quite close in our Trek tastes as far as seasons go. Cool.

Another thing that surprised me is that going in, I really thought that at least one season of Voyager would make a run at the top spot. Couldn't believe when the dust cleared it didn't even come in until #12. I see your first season is at #10, and we both agree it's season 4 at the top for VOY.
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