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Re: My Trek Rankings By Season

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I like seeing rankings that include everything like that. You even got TAS in there. Eventually I'll include TOS, but I don't see TAS happening (your rating just further adds to that).

Thank you. I am glad you like my list.

As for TAS: well, I was thinking about watching The Animated Series again. I gave it a low rating because I hardly even remember any of them. And the ones that I do remember are not all that stellar. After all it is a 1970s cartoon we are talking about. Unless someone is into classic cartoons, I really don't see the series being all that appealing to the average viewer. However, because I like Trek a lot. I am willing to dive back into my DVD set and give it another fresh perspective, though.

I tried to revisit TOS a couple of years ago, but I could not get through the first disc. I'm going to do it for sure by the end of this year, and with a good attitude going in. I have high hopes.
As for the Original Series: I highly recommend that you make sure you are watching the Remastered Versions of the show. The revamped special effects alone makes it worth it. However, I know how you feel, though. I had a hard time getting past the cheesy sets when I first watched TOS. However, give it time and you will get used to it. Also, if you think it will help, visualize Star Trek 11's cool effects and sets over the cheesy ones when you watch it, too. Either that or imagine TOS as some kind of futuristic version of the 1960s, that later gets altered by some type of time travel incident or something.

Anyways, what I am trying to really say is that if you stick with TOS, the show will really surprise you. In fact, it could even be one of your all time favorite Trek series (like it is for me now).

We're not terribly far off on a good deal of it. We both obviously hold DS9 in very high regard. Neither of us were super impressed as to how TNG, DS9, and Voyager came out of the gate, but I guess that's not surprising, as most shows get better as they develop.
Yeah, the only series that stayed consistent as far as quality for me was the Original Series. I thought all the seasons were great after repeat viewings and reflection. However, I know what you mean about later Trek, though. It seemed like most of the series didn't improve until later on.
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