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Re: Star Trek: Online: The Needs of the Many - Discussion (Spoilers)

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So I remembered that one of the main volleys being heaved at the author of this was his portrayal of the soldier in one of the "interviews". Many of the people who slammed him said that he should read "Band of Brothers" and other works by that author to see some quality writing about soldiers.

Well I just got done reading an article that states that the author of BoB might have made up stuff for one of his books, possibly many. Now this doesn't mean that he made stuff up for BoB, but is interesting to note that the guy a couple of you slammed TNOTM's author for not emulating might have made stuff up.
With the movie series, it is quite obvious artistic license has to be taken, for the parts that actually portray the action "as it is occurring." However, what it would be extremely foolish to deny would be the interviews given by the people who were actually involved in those events--specifically, the documentary We Stand Alone Together. If you want to argue with primary-source material, if you want to suggest all of those men are shamming and that "real soldiers" couldn't be as levelheaded and humble as those men me on this--it won't go well.
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