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Re: Star Trek: Online: The Needs of the Many - Discussion (Spoilers)

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I was flipping through this book. Not sure if I will buy it. I find the style a bit unorthodox. I was curious about the name Undine. Does anyone know who came up with that and why? It seemed like Species 8472 would have a more alien sounding name, probably one of those Timothy Zahn Chiss names from the Star Wars Expanded Universe.
An undine (or ondine) is a female water spirit or water elemental in European folklore and the writings of the Renaissance alchemist Paracelsus. I assume that some human in the Federation named them that as an acknowledgment of the fact that they come from a fluidic universe.

Species 8472 surely wouldn't have a pronounceable name for themselves, since they don't have mouths and communicate telepathically. So any name for them is going to have to be something from human language that's applied to them descriptively. (In Places of Exile, I called them Groundskeepers.)

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But I think the funny part about "Undine" is how close it is to "Indign", the alien of the week from Unworthy. (Or at least how I pronounced it in my head. Maybe it's pronounced totally differently.)
Undine is pronounced "un-deen" (as with "Nadine" or "Carradine"). Indign is pronounced "in-dine" (as with "sign" or "align").
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